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"Building the bridge between people and our services by providing the “Can Do” attitude. To be HIS voice and encourage others in their life changing process. Use our knowledge and experience to help people building their vision, business, career, family, and life. We are the ONE, who leads the others in making difference in their life."

Our approach is to bring together our understanding of business requirements, and in-depth knowledge of technologies.  We are a strong supporter of non-profit organizations. We believe that together we can make a difference and help solve your problems/pains. Our services areas are:

Operations Management: Review your operations, identify the weaknesses and provide the solutions.

Executive Coaching: Company’s strong or weak is not employee’s responsibility. It is the leaders who and how decide the future of the company.

Strategic Planning: Review short/long term goals and help you to approach the goal by using simple methodology.

Business Development: It is the best time to focus on the business development and get ready for the upturn of the economy, which is coming very soon.

IT Portfolio management: Technology is the solution to take your company to the next level. Employees have to accept the reality and move forward with the technology.

Project Management: Your company’s each move is a project. We can show you the right steps and training your managers.

IT Implementation Consulting: Implement IT projects are an art. Well planning and managing are the keys of the success.

Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain is not a myth. Manage your vendors and production operation will bring the control back to your company.

Logistics Warehousing Services: Warehouse and inventory are the major headaches for the most of companies. We are the expert in these areas. We can assist you from the reserve logistics, inventory control, pick, pack, and ship.

Web Hosting and Design: If you are thinking “global”, Internet is a must for your company. We understand the global strategic.

Import assist from China: Reduce your cost must be a priority one task. We can help you to find the right manufacture, negotiations, and importing into United State. We know the Chinese’s culture and language.

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