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Import & Export From China


"It is more than a business for importing from China. It is a culture, language, thinking, and processing with different background of people. You can learn and try. The limitation is the time. We can help you to reduce the Time. "

3PL Services providing service of assisting our customers to find manufacture(s) from oversea, especially in China. Our goal is to help you reduce the cost if you have to buy product(s) to be sold in U.S. If this is your core business or your company is exploring in this area, we have the right connections from different manufactures in China to help you to find the right manufactures and the quality. In addition, we know the language and cultures. It is easily for us to build relationship with the upper level managers in the manufactures. As part of our service, we provide you with more secure payment and products import process. This service definitely saves the time and effort for you. We help you to handle all the legal documents.

If you can save $ 1 for 10,000 items you are buying, you are saving $ 10,000 with same quality and identical product. Unbelievable saving! You also get the full services without spending hours of time to communicate with oversea manufacture. These include language barriers, communication with manufactures etc. Your savings are not only money, time, or products. Most importantly is the relief from dealing with foreign country.

Even you are new into this market, you don’t have to “Google” the net. You can do your own research, which we recommend that you do. Call us and we like to earn your trust and business. In addition, if you need import process, shipping to US, particular warehousing, shopping cart on the internet, and provide you the fulfillment with pick, pack, ship and inventory services, we have experienced over 15 years in these area.

Please contact us if you need to reduce your cost, connect manufacture, open new import markets, how to import from China, or even just need to collect information about oversea manufactures. We are here to serve you.

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